Termite Inspections

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You insure your home every year but do you know most insurance companies do not cover you for termite damage? 

Termite inspections are recommended at least every 12 months to ensure conducive conditions are prevented or to locate any existing termite activity. All structures, gardens and accessible voids on your property will be assessed to ensure a full comprehensive report is provided and termite treatment plans will be recommended as required. 

We use report formats which meet Australian standards and are approved by our insurers.

Our report details the areas inspected, the observations of the technician, the termite risk level and finally, recommendations to minimise that risk.

If we find termites, don’t worry you are in good hands. Our pest controllers will:  

  • Thoroughly assess and determine the full extent of the infestation and any resultant damage

  • Take all practical steps to locate the termite entry points - locating the entry point is not always achievable given most termite entry is concealed but, if it can be found, it can be sealed to stop future entry

  • Identification of the termite species - knowing and understanding the habits of the species allows for more effective, long term termite control.

  • Explain in full their assessment and findings

  • Give you detailed advice on the treatment options

  • Carry out the treatments to strict quality standards and specifications


Are you buying a property and need a pre-purchase inspection?

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