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I have been told that termites do not eat hardwood, is this correct?
This is simply not true. While some termite species may favour softer types of wood there have been just as many houses where the hardwood has been destroyed by termites and the soft timbers have been left alone. Please do not listen to this information.
My house is a steel frame home, do I need to worry about termites?
This is a common one we often hear. While the steel frame protects that part of the structure,  termites don’t only eat the frame. Many people often forget that floorboards, window frames, cabinetry, and other wood fittings within the house are susceptible to termite infestation. 
My house has been damaged by termites will my building insurance will cover it? 
In Australia, building insurance WILL NOT cover termite damage. If there is an insurance company covering termite damage please let us know!
Are White ants and Termites different?
Termites themselves are not related to ants in any way. The phrase “white ant” came about via an advertising campaign in the 1970’s in Australia and to this day some people still refer to termites as white ants. Fun Fact: Termites are more closely related to cockroaches than ants!
The last company we used did a termite spray every year when they did my pest control.
Why can’t you do the same as they used to do?
While termite treatments like that may have been done in the past. The Australian Standards along with today’s chemical termiticides and treatment methods have changed dramatically. Today a typical chemical termite treatment can last between 5 and 8 years. You won’t need to re-do your chemical treatment during this period unless there is a breach in the system (for a chemical barrier). These days if your pest control operator is doing something annually for termites it would be a Timber Pest Inspection (termite inspection) to ensure any warranties are maintained, identify conducive conditions and find any breaches in your termite management system.
How do you treat termites?
This is the simplest way to describe how the treatment is performed. For a chemical termite treatment to be effective, a qualified technician has to create a complete line of chemical termiticide (chemically treated zone) around your home at the foundation. This is often achieved by drilling and injecting through concrete slabs or trenching and treating the perimeter of the home. There are also Termite and baiting programs available, we can send you some more information if you let us know 🙂

Pest Control

What actions should I take prior to the arrival of my pest control expert?
We normally require that you remove clothing articles, newspapers, children’s toys, etc from the ground surfaces. Items of food will also need to be put away prior to your pest control treatment.
Do I need to be home for my pest control appointment?
That's up to you. If you are comfortable to not be home for you pest control booking we are happy to treat your home. In saying that, If you have animals we do need someone to be present to help us safely manage them and not distress your pets while we are there for your pest control treatment.
Should I empty my kitchen cupboards before my pest control appointment?
Bug Me targets their pest control treatments and rather use a combination of baits and gel products in these areas which are often home to cockroaches. This will be minimally invasive meaning you are free to leave your cupboards as they are.
Am I likely to see the return of pests after the treatment?
While we always aim for the eradication of pests, realistically this is not often possible. You will notice a heavily reduced amount of insects such as ants, spiders, or cockroaches will most likely venture inside your property after the treatment has been completed. This is because pest control treatments do not create a forcefield where they no longer enter, however, there is a very high likelihood that they will have crossed treated areas and will die very soon afterward. 
How long will my pest control treatment last?
This is a great question! Every pest and treatment method is different and so is the longevity of your treatment. A great example is for our cockroach, ant, and spider treatment we like to say up to 12 months, many individual factors may vary this but you will find with this treatment, for example, we offer a service period, where if you find an increase of populations again within your service period we will come back and top up your treatment at no charge. We obviously can’t come out for every individual cockroach you may see but for more information just ask the team at the time of booking your pest control appointment 🙂
Will my household pets be affected by the treatments you use?
The safety of your pets is very important to us. You may rest assured that the active constituent that they may come into contact with, either when it is still wet or by inhaling or ingesting, is minute however this does not mean we can be complacent. It is ideal for the duration of your pest control treatment that if animals are present at the home someone whom the animals are familiar with can also be there to assist in their safe management. Some people, especially if no one can be present may organise for a family member to care for them elsewhere for all or part of the day so we are able to safely perform your pest control treatment. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to ensure that after we have completed the pest treatment all food and water dishes are emptied and thoroughly washed before allowing further use by your furry family members.
What type of pests do you treat usually?
Our most common pest control treatment booked by our customers tends to be a general pest treatment which includes, cockroaches, ants & spiders. In saying that, depending on your individual requirements we are able to tailor a pest control solution dependant to your needs. Along with cockroaches, ants, and spiders we also commonly provide pest control treatments for fleas, silverfish, ticks, rodents, wasps, and bed bugs. For more information on some of the most common pests, you can click HERE

Carpet Cleaning

Do you guarantee you can get rid of every mark?
We guarantee all of our work. However, we can not guarantee to get rid of permanent stains. Sometimes stains on carpets are just that and are permanent. If there are particular areas of concern it is always a good idea to show your technician prior to commencing the carpet cleaning work so we can alter the carpet cleaning products if necessary. We will always be happy to discuss something if you aren’t happy and strive for an excellent customer experience every time. 
Will you move my furniture?
Unfortunately no. More often than not we only have one staff member onsite for carpet cleaning appointments and it's simply not safe practice. Along with staff safety, we would hate for an accident to occur and for your belongings or home to be damaged by our technicians if an accident should occur.
What should I do before my carpet cleaning appointment?
In preparation for you carpet cleaning appointment, we would appreciate a quick vacuum or removal of larger objects from the carpet areas. If you do choose to move your furniture please prepare beforehand by removing your furniture prior to our arrival for your carpet cleaning appointment. Once we get our hoses and equipment out, this will not be easy to do. Also, Bug me are not liable for any breakage that may occur. It is strongly suggested prior to your carpet cleaning appointment that items/trinkets be removed from the top of furniture or shelves that may be breakable. 
How do you actually clean carpets?
When it comes to cleaning carpets we prefer what is known as the “Steam Cleaning” method. Steam Cleaning is also known as Hot Water Extraction Cleaning. The Steam Cleaning of the carpet process involves injecting hot water into your carpet with high pressure, then extracting the dirty water out. . Prior to the steam cleaning carpet, we apply a specially sourced pre-spray treatment to the carpeted areas to break down the foreign materials in the carpet. Bug Me also has a specially designed agitation machine to assist with the breakdown of materials and help penetrate further into the fibers We use this machine wherever possible on our carpet cleaning to help clean your carpets to an even higher standard. Following these steps we then extract the dirt from your carpets using our Sapphire Scientific Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Machine which allows for more pressure and power than traditional portable carpet cleaning machines.
How long will it take to dry after cleaning my carpets?
Great question! This is often asked when booking your carpet cleaning. Drying times may vary after having your carpets cleaned depending on carpet fiber types and the thickness of the pile. We normally suggest leaving fans on wherever possible to assist with drying times immediately after your carpet cleaning appointment.
How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
Most carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally at least every 12 months to maintain any warranties and to extend the life of your carpets.
What else do you clean?
Amazing question! We can also clean upholstery (lounges, upholstered seats etc), and apply protectants, We can also clean tiles, grout and concrete along with some vinyl floor types. 
There has been an accident on my carpets, is this going to get rid of the smell?
Let's just call it what it is, sometimes urine and other yucky things sometimes land on our carpets. Definitely let the team know at the time of booking your carpet cleaning. We do offer additional treatments for certain events and can help to lessen any odors. Sometimes these treatments may not work depending on the situation and things like underlay flooring type, but have a chat with the team and we can help you find the best solution to the problem.
Upholstery Cleaning



What makes Bug Me's upholstery cleaning in Bundaberg and Bargara stand out from the rest?

Bug Me's upholstery cleaning services in Bundaberg and Bargara stand out due to our eco-friendly cleaning methods, tailored specifically for delicate fabrics. Our expertise in removing dirt and allergens ensures a fresh, revitalized look for your upholstery, lounges, and couches while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

Can Bug Me provide lounge cleaning services for both residential and commercial spaces in Bundaberg?

Yes, Bug Me offers comprehensive lounge cleaning services for a variety of spaces in Bundaberg, including residential homes and commercial settings like offices, waiting rooms, and cinemas. Our team is equipped to handle any scale, ensuring a deep clean that rejuvenates your space.

How does Bug Me's lounge cleaning in Bargara extend the life of my furniture?

Our lounge cleaning service in Bargara uses gentle, yet effective techniques and eco-friendly solutions to remove dirt and prevent fabric deterioration. Regular cleaning maintains the fabric's integrity and appearance, extending the life of your lounges and couches.

What specific upholstery cleaning techniques does Bug Me use in Bundaberg to ensure the best results?

Bug Me employs a variety of advanced upholstery cleaning techniques in Bundaberg, including steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and gentle agitation, tailored to the specific needs of your fabric. These methods effectively remove stains and dirt, ensuring a thorough clean without damaging delicate upholstery.

Can Bug Me handle delicate and high-end upholstery fabrics during the cleaning process in Bargara?

Absolutely. Bug Me's team in Bargara is trained to handle high-end and delicate upholstery fabrics with the utmost care. We assess each fabric type and choose the most appropriate cleaning method to ensure your upholstery is safely and effectively cleaned.

How frequently should I schedule upholstery cleaning in Bundaberg with Bug Me to maintain my furniture?

We recommend scheduling professional upholstery cleaning in Bundaberg at least once a year. However, for homes with pets, children, or high traffic, or for commercial spaces like offices and cinemas, more frequent cleaning may be necessary to maintain optimal cleanliness and fabric condition.

What are the benefits of choosing Bug Me for lounge cleaning services in Bundaberg and Bargara?

Choosing Bug Me for lounge cleaning in Bundaberg and Bargara ensures you receive professional, thorough, and eco-friendly cleaning services. Our experienced team is dedicated to restoring the beauty of your lounges and couches while ensuring a clean, healthy environment for your family or clients.

Does Bug Me offer customized upholstery cleaning plans for businesses and large venues in Bargara?

Yes, Bug Me offers tailored upholstery cleaning plans for businesses and large venues in Bargara, ensuring your specific needs and schedules are met. Our flexible services are designed to provide minimal disruption and maximum cleanliness for your commercial space.

How does Bug Me address stubborn stains during upholstery cleaning in Bundaberg?

Bug Me employs specialized stain removal techniques during upholstery cleaning in Bundaberg. Our skilled technicians assess the type of stain and fabric and use targeted treatments to effectively diminish or remove stubborn stains, always striving for the best possible outcome while protecting your upholstery.

What should I expect after a Bug Me lounge cleaning service in Bargara?

After a Bug Me lounge cleaning service in Bargara, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in the cleanliness and appearance of your lounges. Our cleaning process effectively removes dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your fabric refreshed and revitalized. While we aim for perfection, please note that the age and specific fabric type might impact the level of restoration possible.


Does Bug Me offer additional fabric protection services after upholstery and lounge cleaning in Bundaberg and Bargara? Yes, Bug Me provides an additional fabric protection service after upholstery and lounge cleaning in Bundaberg and Bargara. This service involves applying a protective treatment that shields the fabric from spills and stains, extending the life and maintaining the appearance of your upholstery. While this service comes at an additional cost, it's a worthwhile investment to keep your furniture looking its best for longer.

Leather Cleaning

What specialized techniques does Bug Me use for leather cleaning in Bundaberg and Bargara?

Bug Me's leather cleaning services in Bundaberg and Bargara involve specialized techniques tailored to preserve the quality and extend the life of your leather furniture. Our experts use pH-balanced cleaners to gently remove dirt and oils, followed by conditioning treatments that restore moisture and protect the leather from aging and cracking.


How often should I have my leather furniture professionally cleaned by Bug Me in Bundaberg or Bargara?

We recommend having your leather furniture professionally cleaned by Bug Me every 12 to 18 months. Regular cleaning and conditioning are crucial to maintain the leather's suppleness, prevent drying or cracking, and extend the furniture's lifespan. High-traffic or lighter-colored leather may require more frequent cleaning to keep it looking its best.


Can Bug Me remove stains and repair wear on my leather furniture in Bundaberg and Bargara?

Bug Me offers comprehensive leather cleaning services in Bundaberg and Bargara, including stain removal and conditioning treatments. While we strive to significantly reduce or remove stains and revitalize worn leather, the success of these treatments can vary depending on the age, condition, and type of leather. Our skilled technicians will assess each situation individually and recommend the best approach for your leather furniture.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

I am moving out of a rental property soon, what do I need to do?
We always recommend getting in touch with your landlord or property manager to confirm your end-of-lease cleaning and pest requirements. In our experience, most will require carpet cleaning and flea treatment if you have had animals at any time during your tenancy. However, we are not involved in individual lease agreements and you need to clarify again with your landlord or property manager. Some may require further pest treatments so it’s definitely something you need to confirm.
Where do I start? Do I book you for carpet cleaning or my bond cleaner first?
We are mindful that when handing over your keys to the real estate you are wanting the property to be at its best. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to book your carpet cleaning and pest control to be completed after the bond cleaning is completed. We suggest booking us to enter after the cleaners or on the day you are required to hand the keys back to your landlord or property manager. It's also a safety thing, we don’t want cleaners tripping over our gear and we also cannot perform the pest sprays when people are there. We know your cleaners are working super hard and don’t want to ask them to vacate and stop work while we do the pest treatment. It’s also not a good idea if they then mop the floors after we apply the product.
My dog has only been outside. Why do I need to have the flea treatment inside?
You may not need a flea treatment inside by your real estate however for us to be able to warrant the treatment we do both internal and external flea treatments. We can do either inside or out voiding our warranty, that's entirely up to you as the customer. The best thing is, we do';t charge any differently because we do both. You get inside or out done or both for the same price. 
Do you offer a warranty for move-out flea treatments?
We offer a 30-day service period on all of our internal and external flea treatments performed after the cleaners have finished. We also leave a sticker in the kitchen cupboard under the sink so the new tenants can call us if they have any questions 🙂
How do I pay on the day if I cannot meet you there?
Due to the nature of move-out work we cannot invoice customers. We require payment at the job via cash or EFTPOS or you can call us prior to your appointment and we can process payment over the phone with a card.
Can I use ZipPay or Humm for end-of-lease carpet and pest?
Yes, Yes and Yes! We absolutely can process your payment with either one of these! We adopted these payment methods to make life easier for our customers. We especially understand the excessive costs when moving and are more than happy to facilitate this 🙂


What finance do you offer?
We can offer our customers the options of Zip Pay, Zip Money, and Humm for any termite treatments, termite inspections, pest control, carpet cleaning, or any other service we offer to approved applicants.
Do you offer Afterpay?
Yes! We can now offer Afterpay! We can accept after paying on termite inspections, general pest control, End of lease carpet cleaning and pest control, and normal carpet and upholstery cleaning. Due to the latest changes to Afterpay, we do need you to meet the technician at site to process the payment and are unable to process this over the phone. 
Can I get interest-free on a termite treatment?
Yes, you can! We are proud to be able to offer interest-free options to approved applicants! Just make sure to let us know when you book your quote so we can let you know about interest-free periods that are available to you.
How do I get more information about your finance offers?
Just give the team a call at (07) 4153 2842 and we can help you out

Flood & Fire Remediation

A Water pipe has just burst in my house. What do I do?
1. Do not panic. 
2. Whilst ensuring the safety of all people in the home turn the water main off and call a plumber to attend A.S.A.P.
3. Call your insurance company to begin your insurance claim and to identify coverage. While we do provide this service already to the insurance industry, we may be yet to accept work orders from you.  You can request Bug Me attend to provide remediation services and structural drying. In most cases, we can attend on the same day which will help to minimize further loss and damage. We prefer to have work orders or approval by insurance to ensure there is no “bill shock” to the customer. Depending on the severity of the event and many other factors the most appropriate types of equipment and volumes vary drastically along with what needs to be done to ensure the correct remediation and drying of your structure to prevent mould growth and minimise damage. This type of work is not something we are able to provide quotes on and is charged on an accrual basis. 
4. While you wait for our technician to arrive if it is safe to do so you can attempt to remove water from the residence. Depending on the severity you can mop or sweep the water out of an affected area if the event has already affected the exit. It is important to ensure you do not create further damage while doing this. If your policy does include contents, start making notes or setting affected contents aside  for content inventory by your technician. Do not risk your safety to do this.
5. When your technician arrives be sure to alert the technician to any safety concerns and if anyone residing in the home has any medical issues eg. Asthma
Why can’t you just suck the water out with your carpet cleaning machine?
In most cases, if the event warrants water to be extracted chances are that drying equipment will be required. Along with that, in many cases invasive drying methods are required which may involve things like removal of underlay, removal of skirting boards, and installation of inject drying equipment into cabinetry bases and or walls.
Our local team is trained in flood and fire remediation and has the appropriate equipment on hand to assist.
Are you available After Hours?
Yes, we are. Please call anytime, if we do not answer straight away we will be sure to ring you back A.S.A.P.
Can you recommend a plumber to assist?
Yes, we can assist you with some recommendations of local plumbing services who may be able to assist.




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