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Cancellation Policy

Please be advised Bug Me Termite, Pest & Carpet need to be notified at least 48 hours excluding weekends and public holidays prior to the scheduled appointment of cancellation or the need to reschedule. Please note our office is open between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4.30 PM Monday to Friday. Please note if you have any intention to cancel or reschedule your booking please phone Ph (07)4153 2842 and not email. Our mailboxes can receive a large volume of emails in a day and may not be constantly monitored as we are often on-site. If you are diverted to a voicemail service, please leave a clear message with details of your booking and a contact phone number so a team member may follow up.

Each booking taken by Bug MeTermite, Pest & Carpet is scheduled for a date and time agreed to by our clients. If a cancellation is made or an appointment requires rescheduling and this is done within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) prior to your scheduled booking a fee of $55 will be invoiced. this fee is charged to help cover the costs that Bug Me Termite Pest & Carpet has incurred. We are a small local business and are still required to cover wages and operating expenses regardless of if the appointment occurs or not.

If the appointment can be rescheduled with the client within a reasonable time frame a fee a rescheduling fee of $30 will be invoiced. If the rescheduled appointment is then canceled before the next 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) prior to booking, the $30 fee will still be invoiced to the client.
Where Bug Me Termite, Pest & Carpet can fill an appointment, no fee will be charged to the client, please note that if a short period of notice is given it is unlikely that we will be able to replace the appointment. We will however always strive to fill any appointments that open up.

Bug Me Pest Termite, Pest & Carpet reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any bookings made by the client, this will most likely only occur in the event of poor weather conditions whereby treatment outcomes may be affected or circumstances beyond our control eg vehicle failure, staff illness.

We really do appreciate that things can occur that are outside of our control in life, but we al.lso recognise most of our customers have very patiently waited for their appointments with us. We as a small business already working with a high depencendy on weather conditions etc really feel the hit when given no notice prior to cancellation because the appointment was simply "not convenient anymore" or "we just forgot". Bug Me always endeavor to assist in sending all of our customers booking confirmations and reminders via text and email in an effort to avoid this and also will try to make arrangements to accommodate the appointment. We feel as though our cancellation fees really are quite reasonable compared to other businesses and industries and while it doesn't cover our costs incurred it really does help us to keep our staff employed.

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