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Flea Bites can cause extreme itchiness at the bite site creating a red, swollen lump, blister, or small wound concentrated on the legs and feet. The most common fleas in Australia are known to be the Cat Flea & Dog Flea. 

Fleas are able to quickly infest a home as they are able to lay up to 40-50 eggs per day for about 50 days. In her life span, a single female flea can produce up to 2000 eggs, and they flourish in warm humid weather meaning our climate is the perfect environment for a flea infestation. Fleas can also remain dormant for up to 2 years meaning an infestation could be quite severe by the time you start to notice them.

Fleas not only affect Humans but sadly our family pets and other animals. 

Below are some tips for avoiding a flea contamination,

- If you have a pet, seek advice from your vet as to the most appropriate product to prevent      fleas

- Vacuum regularly

- Wash pet bedding on a regular basis

- Ensure when moving into a new home a flea treatment has been performed.

Fleas are quite often mistaken for other pests in the home. Many people believe fleas are capable of flight. Fleas do not have wings but use their incredibly strong tiny legs to jump large distances and heights.

Many lease agreements in Queensland will require you to have a flea treatment performed before vacating a property if you have lived at the property with animals. 

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