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Please see below for information regarding your booking prior to your appointment.



Pre- pest Treatment Advice

Please b
Please be advised of the following:
- Your Technician is carrying out your pest treatment on the behalf of Bug Me Pty Ltd.
- You can contact us via phone (07) 4153 2842 or email at 
- Our technicians, under the Medicines & Poisons Act 2019 will not use a pesticide for the activity unless the pesticide is a substance that is APVMA approved for use to carry out the activity;
Your Pest control appointment will be booked and carried out by one of the following licenced technicians:
Justin Esse: PMT14258 (Pest management licence no.)
Hamish Duke: PMT011029622 (Pest management licence no.)
The date and time of our attendance has been emailed/sent via text message at the time of booking. If you have received this notice in error please get in touch A.S.A.P, so we can correct the information we have on record.
Before your pest control appointment:

There are some precautions that should be taken by persons at the premise to minimise exposure to any pesticide used for carrying out your pest control appointment;

- We recommend removing or people or animals while the pest control activity is carried out, if this is not possible we ask that an able bodied person remains at the property to assist in the safe management of any people or animals remaining at the address.
- Please be sure to advise if there is anyone at the premise who may have sesitivities ie. asthma, pregnant at the time of your technicians arrival.
- We ask that you remove any childrens, pet toys and belongings from the ground inside and outside of your premise.
- Prior to using any potentially exposed items we ask that you thoroughly clean them before use, using warm soapy water.
- If you routinely clean your home, you may find it best to sweep and mop the floors just before your appointment rather than soon afterwards.
For general pest control appointments including cockroaches ants and spiders please be advised of the following service period. 
- We offer a three month service period for a standard internal and external ant treatment (excludes our additional ant treatment add ons)
- We offer a six month service period for cockroach & spider internal and external treatments.
- For Internal and external flea treatments we provide a 30 day service period when both are done together. 
Other pest control treatments outside of the above mentioned, service periods if applicable will be advised at the time of booking. 
Please be aware these warranty periods are provided by us with the provision of "fair use." by our customers It is expected that you will see the occasional pest. after treatment. We offer the control and reduction of pest population not the complete eradication. 
- For any other questions or information regarding any other pest treatment please get in touch with our office on (07) 4153 2842 prior to your appointment. 
Please be sure to check our cancellation policy if needed HERE
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