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Ant colony sizes range from a few individuals to tens of thousands. Each colony is made up of a queen, different-sized workers and a number of other castes at different stages of the colony cycle. There are approximately 1300 ant species know in Australia, although these are the most commonly found species,

- Argentine ant

- Black house Ant

- Bull ant

- Coastal brown ant

- Fire Ant

- Gargen ant

- Ghost ant

- Green ant

- Odorouse house ant

- Pavement ant

- Pharoahs ant

- Singapore ant

- Sugar ant

- Whitefooted house ant

Some ipts and tricks to keeping ants under control.

- Keep your syrups, sugars, and anything that attracts ants in airtight containers or put them      in the fridge.

- Put outside food bowls away from the house and only feed your pet what it can eat in one go

- Create a moat of water around pet food bowls so the ants cannot cross the water to get to    the food.

- Ants are attracted to food sources or moist areas. Wipe down surfaces immediately after        use and sweep or vacuum regularly.

- Don’t stack objects against the house

- Ensure Trees around the home do not touch the home

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