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Termites are commonly referred to in Australia as ‘white ants’. These pests cause millions of dollars in damage to houses and structures in Queensland annually, making termite pest control vital.


1 in 3 homes have had, or will have active termites at some stage. A complete termite treatment is the only way to protect your home. Bundaberg in particular sees a large amount of termite activity.

Bug Me Pest Solutions & Carpet Cleaning can offer both termite chemical treatments, and baiting & monitoring systems to put your mind at ease.

Termites can cause severe structural damage costing you money to repair. Protect your property before it becomes an issue or if you already suspect termite activity it is crucial you call today, a Bug Me technician will come to your house, inspect and advise on a suitable treatment for your home.

Call your Bundaberg Termite & Pest Control business today and find out more!