Mice since their introduction to Australia by early European settlers have proved themselves quite the pests to deal with. They are able to multiply at a fast rate and cause significant damage to you home or office. 

Most importantly they can carry numerous transferable diseases, gnaw on furniture & buildings, get into food sources, and leave behind their faeces. Mice also have been implicated in the cause of fires by chewing through electrical cables.


 Rats are known to be more bold and aggressive than mice Rats may carry more dangerous diseases in their system, but one of the most famous rat-related illnesses, bubonic plague, actually arises from fleas that come in as passengers on rats, which then bite humans.

Rats can also cause more damage as mice because the teeth are larger and more powerful. Rats are also a little more cautious and will choose to avoid new things until the are used to their presence making it at times difficult to trap.

Facts about mice and rats-

-Rats and mice are nocturnal creatures with poor eyesight. Their strong sense of smell, taste and hearing helo to make up for it. 

- Rats are larger, and have more coarse hair.

- Rat ears are smaller than mice ears

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