Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are almost like vampires in the pest world. They are nocturnal parasites meaning they rest during the day and are active during the night with a diet consisting of blood, with a preference for human blood. 

Infestations can be quite severe as they are most commonly found in and around a persons bed, clothing,  luggage, lounge suites and between cracks of buildings and flooring to name a few hiding spots. 

The bites from bedbugs can cause some of the following symptoms,

- Large welts 

- Itchiness

- Reddening of the skin

- Localised swelling

- Formation of blisters

- Small loss of skin tissue in some cases.

Treatment for bedbugs more often than not can be complex due to the nature of them, requiring the co-operation of the clients with the pest control technician. 

There are some things you can do to avoid a bed bug infestation,

- Avoiding using second-hand mattresses

- Regularly checking your bed for bed bugs

- Keeping your bedroom tidy to minimise hiding spots

- Be vigilant when using shared laundry facilities

- Vacuum frequently to remove any successful hitchhikers

- When travelling, inspect the bed and room you are staying in and report to         management if evidence is found

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